About Me

Story Teller

  Andrew PCJ Ocean was born in Woonsocket, RI in 1960. He is the son of a newspaper publisher and radio station executive and his wife.

Andrew was educated through the Woonsocket, RI public schools, Mount St. Charles Academy, Babson College and Suffolk University Law School.

Andrew is a resident of St. Johns County, Florida. He is a lawyer, writer, actor, voice artist, singer and father of two adult children. He lives with his life partner, Joan Palmer.

Andrew is active in Chabad @ the Beaches.

The Shabbat Man Adventures No. 1


The Shabbat Man Adventures No. 1 is a collaboration between Andrew CJP Ocean and artist Blake Bradley of Savannah, Georgia. Joshua Polmar is a weapons designer in River City, Florida. He works on a weapons system using refracted light through a breast plate described in the Torah (the first 5 books of the Hebrew Bible) that was worn by Aaron as the High Priest of the Tabernacle and later, the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. By happenstance, while in a ritual bath call a Mikvah, he is transformed into a white giant with glowing blue eyes. He has harnessed the supernatural powers of G_d’s holy light. He puts his powers to use protecting the Jewish people and the good people of the world from the evil clutches of Jerome Goyim, a man so dark that he draws light out of every room he enters.

Joshua Polmar works with a woman named Christy Hurt who becomes the supernatural Lady Golden by similar circumstances. His trusty dog is named Shekel, whom he rescued from the cruel streets.

Shekel the Dog


Shekel the Dog is a children’s book told from Shekel’s point of view. It is composed of 18 Haiku poems, which are known as “Jew Haiku,” and illustrations. Shekel is a member of a Jewish household and he explains in small part what it means to be Jewish. The book is primarily targeted at Jewish children but adults will appreciate the Jew Haiku and the illustrations.